Youth Group

Happy New Year!

      Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us and I have some great ideas for the new year!

      First, I want to mention the play. "Charlie Brown's Christmas" was great. All the kids and big kids did a great job and a big thank you to all the adults who helped and supported the kids. The kids got to watch themselves the following Sunday night on a projector during their Christmas party and they loved getting to see themselves in the play.

      Next, we have a scavenger hunt that the whole church will get to participate in for the month of January. The details will be announced in church. River and I are so excited about this.

      In January, the youth will also be doing a prayer activity called "30 Days 30 People." For the whole month they will be praying for groups of unreached people right here in NC as they learn about them. I am hoping to end this activity with the youth doing a prayer walk right here in Maysville. I would like to ask each one of you reading this to please also pray for our youth, youth teacher and helper, the unreached youth in our community, and their families.

Thank you all,

Cynthia Toler

Join us for Sunday School at 10am-10:45am

Then join us for Sunday Night activities 6:30pm-7:30pm

Youth is for ages 7th grade-12th grade