Welcome to Memorial Baptist Church in Maysville! Located in downtown Maysville, NC. We strive to be a community of faith that serves Maysville by living out the life that Christ calls us to live. We welcome all people, wherever they are in their faith journey, to worship God and serve others with us as we walk along the way with Jesus.  

Memorial Baptist is doing corporate worship,one at 9:30 and one at 11:00am. Please observe the times of services on this homescreen at the top right as we go through Phase 2.5. PLEASE VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (MEMOIRALBAPTISTMAYSVILLE) FOR MORE INFORMATION ON EVENTS AND CATCH PASTOR'S SERMONS AS WELL. PASTOR STILL GOES LIVE EVERY SUNDAY MORNING ON FACEBOOK AT OR AROUND 11AM.  ALSO, IF YOU MISSED HIS SERMONS, FIND US ON YOUTUBE: MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH MAYSVILLE. WE ARE STILL DOING GOD'S WORK. YOU CAN SEND IN YOUR TITHES TO: Memorial Baptist Church, PO Box 219, Maysville, NC 28555.

Or you can send your tithes through PayPal at: memorialbaptistmaysville@gmail.com. You will need to have an account with PayPal first before you send in your tithes.