Message From the Pastor


Dear Family of Fatih,

Spring is here! Easter is around the corner which provides us all with greater opportunities to share the Gospel message. Christ has risen and by faith we are all new creations in Christ. What a joy to be a child of the King! Yet, I get the very distinct feeling that many of us are reluctant to share our faith in Christ. Pastor Steven Lee wrote, in a very persuasive article a few years back, that there were four obstacles that we need to overcome in order to share the Gospel:

1. Lack of knowledge: Bible knowledge in general and knowledge of the Gospel itself is at an all-time low among many who profess Christ.

2. Apathy: Many who profess Christ just have little interest in learning and sharing their faith.

3. Fear: Others intimidate us because they appear to have a better grasp of philosophic or theological issues. We are afraid to speak up.

4. Lack of compassion: We are simply not interested in where others will spend eternity.

Brothers and Sisters, by the Grace of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit we all need to overcome these obstacles and engage others with the love of Chirst. With this in mind in the month of April, we will begin a new study on Wednesday nights beginning April 17th entitled:" Divine Appointments: Christ and the People"
which is designed to help us be better prepared to share our faith with others. Rather than cookie cutter approaches, this series is designed to prepare us for the broad variety of people that we will meet who are in need of salvation in Christ. Please pray about this series and bring someone out who is serious about leading others to the Savior. As we gather each Lord's Day to celebrate our union with Christ, let us ask God to empower us to get his message out to the world.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Woody