Message From the Pastor

Dear Family of Fatih,

As I write this summer is drawing to a close, in just a few days, bumble bee colored school buses will be rumbling through our neighborhoods and legions of chidlren will be trudging along with heavy back backs and climbing aboard.  Ah, the incessant rhythm of life. For the youngsters summer is demarcated from Memorial to Labor Day, but as we grow beyond our formative years, we learn that summer here lasts well into October when the heat begins to subside and we look for the leaves to begin to change. God in his good time is in full control of the seasons and we can trust him with the temperature as certainly as we can trust Him with our very lives.

Often, it is important for us to stop and think about the seasons and what the cyclic rhythm of life means to us. The Word of God talks about this in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Please turn there and read this.

The Spirit of God tells us that there is a time for every activitiy that God has given us to do. This means that each of us is in a particular season in our life and that we should ask God what season it is. It may be the time of sowing if so we should be planting the seeds of the Gospel. It may be the time for us to cultivate carefully seeds which have been sown either by someone else or ourselves. It may be the time to bring in the harvest of souls. Each of us is in an unique season of life; wisdom says we should be doing that which is appropriate to the season we are in. God wants us to think about this. How fruitful is the person who tries to harvest when they should be planting and vice versa? The secret to the fruitful life is to know what season you are in and what you should be doing in it. Those young souls trudging unto the bumble bee colored school buses probably do not know what season they are in. However, their parents should know that soon the days of study and homework will come to a close and their children will be tested in a world which has evolved into a "global economy" in which each day will tell the tale of a season which has come to a close.

As followers of Christ, let us seek to know the season we are in and how best to give Glory to our King.

Much Love in Christ,

Pastor Woody