Message From the Pastor


 Dear Family of Faith,

Greetings in Christ! When you think of March what do you think of? For some mainly more to the north people think of winter losing its icy grip. For lots of Tarheels it is the prospects of March madness, without a doubt North Carolina teams (and I am thinking of all the teams here collectively) are the cream of the basketball crop. Some think of St. Patrick's Day is an excuse for alcoholic revelry and we really cannot endorse that however we should not throw the baby out with the bath water and be dismissive of the day altogether and here is why:

Patrick was a teenager in post Roman Britiain who was abducted by Irish pirates and spirited away to Ireland. Ireland had yet to submit to the Gospel of Christ. Patrick was subjected to cruel bondage as a slave for six years. As a slave it was Partick's work to shepherd the flocks of his master. While serving as a shepherd the Lord drew Patrick to him. In the crucible of hardship God molded Patrick's character. When he eventually escaped and returned home to Britiain God did not allow him to live a life of ease instead God called Patrick to return to Ireland and convert the people to Christ. One mans' obedience acted as a catalyst to change not only the history of the Irish but also western civilizations. While Patrick had grown up in a Christian home in Britain on the European mainland Rome had fallen to the pagans and darkness fell across the continent. The revival that Patrick lead in Ireland would eventually lead to Irish missionaries taking the Gospel from west to east first in the British Isles and later into Europe. The Irish Christians were largely responsible for keeping the Gospel light burning in the early Dark Ages in Europe through monasteries that they built.

So, should we remember Patrick? Absolutely. We should remember a teenager who under difficult circumstances heard from God and loved the community. Oh, that there would be many Patricks in our contemporary world that can see beyond their own ease and comfort and engage their communities for Christ!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Woody