Message From the Pastor


Dear Family of Fatih,

Ah! The month of February, the month that we are reminded of the values of love itself. I suspect that we all need to be reminded of our responsibility to love others. That this is a self-evident proposition is underscored by the commands of the Word of God. My point is if love of others came naturally, then it would not be a subject stressed repeatedly in Scriptures. 1st John 4: 17-21


We are all by nature selfish creatures, we might protest this but upon serious reflection we must concede the point. Even in affairs of the heart, we have the tendency to desire love from others without necessarliy giving ourselves to them. In other words, we may desire from others what we refrain from giving to them. And, so it is that we must humble  ourselves before God and seek to emulate the love of God for us as seen in the example of Christ. Christ came to give himself unconditionally to God as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. He was motivated purely out of love for both His Father and for you and I. It is this unconditional, sacrificial love that we are to imitate in our daily lives. Take a look at what our Lord says in John 15:12-13

My prayer, in the month of February, is that we would all prayerfully concede that we are by nature selfish and that we need the Holy Spirit to produce in us a sincere unconditional love for others. May the Lord enable us in February to commit ourselves to walking in the Spirit and experiencing authentic love for others.



Much Love in Christ,

Pastor Woody