Adult Ministry


J.O.Y Club/Senior Adults: Is opened to all those who are 55 and over. Our mission is to honor God by providing opportunties for senior adults to grow spiritually, fellowship with one another while enjoying a delicious meal, and to reach out to our community. JOY (Just Older Youth) meets each second Monday out of each month at 11:30am. 

WIC: Women In Christ: This is our new ministry that gets together for our widows of the church. Of course, we invite our widow men as well. They meet the last Friday of each month at 11:00am.

Sunday School: We meet each Sunday morning starting at 9:45am. We dig into the word of God with discussions. Then we come together for our morning worship service which starts at 11am. We have Sunday School for all ages.

Sunday Night Bible Study & Wednesday Night Bible Study: This is a great opportunity to start coming to our studies. Our Sunday Night Bible Studies will be just like our Wednesday Night Bible Studies which are held in our fellowship hall. This is a more relaxed atmosphere to really get into the word and ask all the questions you might have about your study. Both Sunday night and Wednesday night times are at 6:30pm.

Work Together to Resolve Time Management

The truth is that parents and young adults can work together to resolve holiday stress. This typically begins with time management. Things can get tricky, as seen in the previous example. The solution is to talk with one another before holidays about expectations for how time will be spent. Plans should be made with mutual respect for one another’s schedules and preferences. Parents need to recognize how important it is to their young adult kids to maintain relationships with their friends. They’d be wise to resist the tendency to equate time with value. Young adults may spend more time with friends than with parents during a holiday visit. However, that doesn’t mean that relationships with friends are more valued than those with parents. Young adults may simply have more in common with their friends.  They share similar ideas about how to occupy their time. At the same time, young adults need to understand their parents are focused on long term relationships with them. The friendships of today may fade quickly while those parent-child relationships are likely to last a lifetime. Therefore, time spent with parents during the holidays provides opportunities for young adults to remember family traditions. They may also want to express gratitude for memories past and make some new memories.

View the video below for more info: (brought to you by Focus on the Family)