Message From the Pastor


 Dear Family of Faith,

Summer is here, many of us will hear the beach call our names over the next few months. Time to break out the cooolers, umbrellas, sunscreen, plastic shovels (to build sand castles) beach chairs, funny looking towels (that you have had for a hundred years) cameras and all the other neat stuff that you will need at the beach. As we prepare for summer let us not forget our Vacation Bible School outreach. Now is to the time to make a list of all the children that we know that need to come to VBS. This year's VBS thems is Jerusalem Marketplace, Wow this is really going to be fantastic. VBS will go from Monday 20 June through Friday 24 June from 9 until noon. On Friday we will have our commencement at 6:30pm. 

Vacation Bible School is critical for several reasons:

  • First and foremost VBS is centered on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many children in our community have never heard the Gosepl of Jesus Christ. Many children in our community have never heard the Gospel. Many do not know who Jesus Christ is and what he did personally for them. It is our responsibility to reach out to them.
  • It is our major annual evangelistic outreach, we want to meet our new neighbors and invite them to VBS, it is a fun, non-confrontational  way to meet people and introduce them to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our wonderful family of faith.
  • It is a test to see how well we can all pull together and work together for a common goal. VBS is linked to all the ministries of the church, you name the ministry and VBS is linked to it.

If you are asking yourself "how can I be involved?" First prayer and ask God to help you to be involved in what He is doing through VBS. Sceondly contact our director Cynthia Toler. 

Let's get ready to have our best VBS ever!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Woody Whitt